• Brenden

    Was found walking aimlessly down Silverado trail by fawn, picked up and brought to town. He just started bartending on Sundays and no one seemed to say anything. Come see his legendary hat! It was his great grandfathers.
  • Merrilee

    Once held the record for longest staring contest win at just over 37 hours. Likes dogs, long walks on the beach and anything with whiskey in it. Make sure to ask her what her name is 5 times and still call her Marry… she loves that!
  • Josh B

    assistant barback
    After successfully assisting the PRAOZ in overthrowing the Zimbabwe government with nothing more than 400 feet of dental floss and a handkerchief once used by Harry Truman, Josh finally decided to take his impressive glass washing skills to the Napa Valley. Currently his employment status is under review by management!
  • Fawn A

    Susie's wouldn't be Susie's without Fawn behind the bar. Fawn has been bartending at Susie's for 9 Years. The only problem is that she is 26 years old. Oh well, we won't tell if you don't!
  • Alli G

    No one really knows Alli's story. Somewhat of a recluse, Alli seems to be guarding her past. Get her behind a bar and she's all smiles and cocktails. Just don't ask about Somalia.
  • Danny B

    After a long stint as a back up singer and dancer for Poison, Danny decided to take his talent and love of making people smile to Calistoga.